Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I Won't Be Here Forever

I Won't Be Here Forever

a fine snap by folkstar.

y'know how we all try to carve out our lives? by liking all these unique possessions, by having all these alternative lifestyles, the envy of our friends, to exist outside society and the status quo so that we are niche, just so we have an identity.

to feed the fear that we are not like anyone else. we wear our branded clothes a certain way, have chic haircuts and sometimes don't tie our laces. we jump on the bandwagon of uniqueness and do yoga, pursue good health because we are concerned.

do we ever stop to think, if wot we're doing, we're ever really at peace with it all?

that the reason why we like certain brands, certain looks, certain ways we carry ourselves, our longing to be different is from the constant fear that we will all die the same way. we will pass through those shadows alone, and we strive so hard to choose the pink life bouy.

in this life, i've seen this side of the darkness. it fazes me, it skewers me perception. i don't want to end up like everyone, and yet i know i will. sometimes i live in that denial, sometimes i accept it with open arms. when really, all i want to do is surrender to the love that is God. to have him take this madness away from me. to hold it all together, that even though its all falling apart, i'm being held together by him.

the thrill of not knowing when these floodgates will open, the peace of resting in his arms. the battles that i should not be fighting for others.. someday it will all come to pass.

do you know wot i mean?

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