Tuesday, September 27, 2005

needless to say, there are needles in my pie
i've just gotten back from one class, and have another one in about forty five minutes time. don't really know why i'm bothering to, but i guess i'm just making up for lost time blogging in here. haha, maybe i got abit worried after looking at the drop in attendence since saturday. because there has been a bit of a drop.. meaning people aren't coming. i wonder why, though i'd suppose there would be no reason to drop by a scrappy little blog like this.

y'see, people don't need to be associated with non-celebrities. we like to jump on popularity bandwagons because we become popular by association. well, i'm just saying the insecurities i face sometimes. though i don't suppose it is that harsh.

my pastor's getting married this saturday, and as usual, they are looking to me to videograph the wedding. man, this is like my contribution to the city of perth man. third wedding and still counting. i havent touched a camera since this semester started, but i suppose you never really lose your touch. anyhows, the church has just invested in an editing workstation, so that means i can do my editing there. yay! (in relative terms)

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