Thursday, September 1, 2005

down on your knees
i've been staring into the cracks for far too long now. when you look at it long enough, you only see the dirt, the grime, the soft moist moss that grows and takes over the harsh rock. the crack's just a sharp line in the grand structure, but there's so much life growing out of the lifeless. we're all just living in the cracks of this universe, unable to see just how massive it all is.. becau..

Tracy snaps me out of my daze. cold fingers touch my neck.

"What's the matter?"

"Ever get the feeling that somehow, we're going to get out of this alive?"

"I don't know. i don't ever think that far. Just one day at a time."

I'm glad Tracy's here. she really can't be bothered with me, but having some company passes the time well. every day that i hope, she lives. sometimes she reminds me of life, and i remind her of hope. one can't do without the other i guess.

we could both be staring at rocks together, but she chooses to listen to the sound of her breathing. tries to remember how she breathed her first breath. that one instinctual flaw in our physique that immeditately starts the countdown to our last breath. which breeds the question, that if you stopped breathing, could you live forever?

i lie down on her lap. it makes me feel safe. like lying in my mother's bossom. beyond the bars, we both feel the sun's warm rays touch our feet. eight minutes too late.

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