Friday, September 9, 2005

kena tekan one times jialat jialat

Birthday 013

folkstar snapped another mean picture

wah lau eh!! kena sabo on my birthday!!! sibek tekong lorr.. *pui* still got flour in my mouth. biang eh!! and that's just barely scratches the surface of wot they did to me! they glad wrapped -all- the personal belongings in my room. and then they also took -all- my clothes and locked them in a suitcase with a combination lock. after an hour or so, i realised that the number was *** i shouldn't be devulging this right? this person's secret would have to be safe with me, OR can use to sabo next time as well.

wowww.. still in a state of shocked. and no one has asked for my bolster yet!!! WHERE IS HE????

biang leh!!!

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