Monday, November 1, 2004

i used to want to own an apple product some two years ago, always wanting to make the switch. then, about this year, i decided that i didn't need an overpriced piece of hardware that too many 'cool' people had. today as i was helping jeannie seive thru apple's wireless technology, i thought that i might want an apple product all over again.

they really do look good, but when i think about practicality, i really wonder. do i need a wireless hub, so that any stereo i go to will be able to play songs from my itunes from my ibook? then, i think about pirated software, i'll have to pay for all my software, the professional stuff like pro-tools, reason, igarage, propellerhead.. gotta pay for everything full price! if i don't like windows, why don't i just learn linux instead? but of course my laptop just won't look asthetically appealing.

so at the end of the day, do i still need an apple? not when i can't afford a doctor..

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