Sunday, November 28, 2004

could you be any
its not easy to type in a blog when there's simply red, robocop and david letterman all on at the same time. and guess wot, none of them are on channal five! (because it sucks, sucks ands sucks more, even more so, just because.)

oh kay, we're gonna stop talking like american cheerleaders, simply because i'm not one. but even if i was one, i wouldn't want to be one. am i making much sense? no, because blogging in spore seems so different from blogging in perth.

i realise this, because when i blog in perth, its mainly for a sporean audience, well, somewhat, anyone who's mildly interested in my minor acts of heroism on a day to day basis, but now that i'm saving the world here (with napkin man no less), the blogging bug just seems to have stopped biting/byting. still, we have to be comitted. -)

because i know there are others elsewhere in other parts of the world, at that i'd like to believe so.

and well, after such a lenghthy prologue, it should be time to announce that i watched house of flying chestnuts today.

do robots who discover humanity, have more of it in them than us?

one more robot learns to feel .. - the flaming lips

the play was really good, if you ever get a chance to watch it, please do, spoofs are funny.

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