Friday, November 26, 2004

shotgun happy
the joys of being back in your old home. the not-so-joys of having a mom ask you every single thing. hahaha, i know.. my mom's funny, she's asks me about every single thing, every single friend. if i'm just meeting a girl for the sitex exhibition, she asks (nicely) for a background check and everything, which is amusing. it's not that she's a control freak or anything, just a concerned parent, her twenty two year old son who's still seven in her eyes (or worried that he's already twenty two?). but yeah lah, i think one could have easily mistaken this for nagging, i have.. why does she keep asking me.. but then, when you havent seen each other for a whole year, you are concerned in keeping up to date with your kid's life. and yeah, if we saw things that way, we didn't have to lose our cools all the time.

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