Monday, November 22, 2004

recurring thoughts
the gaping wound is still in my chest and it hurts just to breathe. or rather, move my arms. i'm hoping i can play a righteous gig tonight, we're playing the rosemount, and it's quite a good venue. i wonder if people will like us and have us back there. i wonder who we'll meet, oh the buisness of it all. i think i'll just go there and have fun, i may even master the emo-leap. nahhhh.. i'd break a neck.

blogging is strangely cathartic today, i haven't done much, but i did get the car checked out, not alotta good it did, prolly only be able to fix it when i get back next year. which means, i might not be getting the haircut i planned on. dammit, i do want a haircut, and a crappy job to devote my time to. i gave my laptop a new burst of life when i deleted a tonne of videos and now have four more gigabytes worth of free space. i gotta watch it though, new mp3s might just eat away at that. i need to learn photoshop, i need to learn photoshop.

siyuan loaned me his digital camera for the mission trip to japan, hopefully i'll be able to get some good snaps, i've never really tried, hopefully wotever training i've had with film making will translate into still images. hopefully, hopefooly.

must pack for the end of the world...

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