Saturday, November 13, 2004

we're inches away from anything
everyday, twenty or so denizens stop by this blog to get a daily taste of bananas. or bah-na-nah-s as we like to call'em. it's nice to know that this certain number of people drop by to take a look at your thoughts, it makes it seem almost worthwhile. i know we've been thru this a lot already, the 'significance' of reading this in the first place. well, i just wanna know i appreciate you even though i don't know you. you're kind of the reason why this blog still exists, and why i even bother to self-regulate.

and well, as with all things.. i'm kinda glad the year's coming to an end, real glad that i'm gonna see my folks and old friends soon, and also to be going on a mission trip to japan. it all seems so near, and yet i gotta stay here. which i don't mind save the least, but yeahh.. it's making me review the year and wot i've actually done with my life this time here. it sorta be almsot interesting -)

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