Wednesday, November 24, 2004

weight lost to be
i know it's late, but i just can't seem to concentrate on packing. jeepers, it's like i got some kinda attention deficit disorder.. yet i know that if i take a nap now, i'll only wake up the next morning, no.. i have to endure this, if not i'll never leave perth.

my last night in perth, i've learnt so much, thanks be to God for that. He's shown me so much, opened my eyes, my ears, my heart.. could it be that i'm still reeling? wow, all the people i've met, and the journey still continues, everyday a new adventure. somehow, this year didn't seem like one of dread, i feel as if the sunshine gives me some sorta crazy outlook in life. yet i know, without God, i am nothing, not my revelations, not my musings, nothing of me could be worth anything in the grand scheme of things, yet God uses all things to encourage His chosen people. your five loaves and two fishes. did i ever mention i love that story? i just did -)

see you all on the other side.

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