Wednesday, November 3, 2004

as the world sings
the US elections today. is it so already? the grand finale to this year's biggest soap opera where the actors are real life improvised actors? where the deaths are real, and the stupidity is real, not like that jessica simpson crap. quite honestly, i don't follow much, i have smaller issues of my own to concern about. but i thought just for good measure, to jump on the bandwagon of more american hype and media.

if kerry gets elected, will we see the pull-out of troops in Iraq? if bush gets elected, will we see the Free Trade Agreement amended to better suit its allies in Australia. what will happen to Singapore, will we still be clamouring after the American way of life even more? will the American dream be the Singaporean dream?

sometimes, i think we give the United States too much credit, we inflate it's ego too much. sometimes, you wonder if they should mind their own buisness. but then, it's also a matter of time before we say that they should have helped in certain situations because they had the capacity to.

interestingly enough, because the world paints such a grand picture of these two major parties, we rarely give thought to the other minor parties that are seeking some sort of change. wouldn't it be something if some relative unknown suddenly came out from nowhere to lead a nation. those protest votes. hahahaha, they'd be caught with their pants down, never expecting to win, but having to scuffle out the toilet door just as the reporters clamour in wanting to ask them how they feel about winning. geeee.. i dunno, i was taking a dump when the news came in. it was spewin'! i'm so not taking this seriously.

so right now, from this side of the world, we're just observing, and since we can't vote, we'll just do our part and accept wotever the world throws at us. strive to get thru the day, rest, and get thru another day. the cycle repeats itself, one day at a time.

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