Wednesday, November 3, 2004

breakfast table musings
two crumplets are too much, one crumplet is too little. one and a half crumplets would be fine. don't put jam over cheese, put cheese over jam. this way, you won't be smudging your face with jam. crumplets are something like hotcakes with sponge holes in them. coincidentally, it's how i envision sponge would taste like. it doesn't exactly have a pin-pointable taste, kind of like a cross between hotcakes and a weird chemical polymer. which it probably is, i'm not discounting that fact.

a lot has been going on, but i feel as if i've not been going on. studying for a test right now, but actually i'm not, i'm typing this out. sometimes i underestimate just exactly wot life can throw at me, sometimes i think i'm indestructable. i'm not, i probably can't even sustain myself. why doesn't my brain just become as lazy as me and shut itself down? or why can't my personality be as hardworking as my other bodily functions, which always produce things on time.

jeannie, if you're reading this, you'll need an airport express hub or an airport extreme hub for your wi fi connection. basically the ibook will come airport extreme enabled, but you'll still need to connect to a hub. and as with apple products, you have to fork out money for specifically their products, it's a good way to take away your freedom too -) but it's a small price to pay for cool stuff. oh yeah, i'm not shure, but you might not need to buy a router for your PC if that's the case, because the airport extreme hub has a LAN/ethernet port, so this means you can only connect one other computer/client via a LAN/ethernet cable. i think the airport extreme hub supports up to 50 wi fi users. the airport express hub does not have this LAN/ethernet port (i think), so all it can do is support your client, and 9 more wi fi users.

my verdict is that the airport express hub is good and sufficient for home use, and the airport extreme hub is more for office use. ideally, you can take your airport extreme hub to uni, and support 49 other wi fi users around your study table -) i'm shure one could meet lots of interesting people that way -)

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