Monday, November 15, 2004

a dog, an orange
we're safe, for now. today's title is kind of the working title i was mucking around with for the film, but i don't think its gonna work. it's actually a depiction of the alternate film if our current film was gonna fall apart. we'd film a barking dog and stop-animate an orange peeling itself against a white background. well, while that isn't gonna happen anymore, it could perhaps work as a title for a film about something totally else, yet.. it's got a strange relevance that doesn't make sense. i'm not too shure if that last statement was supposed to anyway, but it's nice not to make sense once in awhile.

i've been listening to the decemberists once again, and it's funny.. because i didn't really like their music in the past, but now i utterly do! well, i'm glad i'm rediscovering the good music, but it was probably always good to begin with. this is good honest music that uses very traditional songwriting instruments to just make something simple and special, where the artist really puts his soul and influences on the line for other listeners. wot we get is a deep conversation thru the quirky setences that they weave together, all gelled together by a forceful march of instruments that wait not for you if you can't seem to understand their choice of instrumentation. lovely indeedy, you'll get one song by them in the year-end compilation.

we had a really wonderful dinner of laksa just now, and it was great to have guest over. peivn invited jade, and i got derrick and yuanheng over. oh, it was so fun to laugh over the dinner table, to just have really in-your-face humour that keeps you back-pedalling because you just say the darndest things after a little champagne.. and well, over dinner us guys kinda got questioned wot we noticed about women first. oh crap, i said curves, and well.. while it's on a totally superficial level, i didn't feel a need to talk about her personality and brain matter over the dinner table, don't know why, but did that make me come across as really shallow?

hahahaha, oh well.. i guess you're entitled to think if i'm shallow, and i kinda know that if i further explain how i'm not shallow, i'm actually re-confirming all suspicions that i am. so don't try too hard folks! one dinner is not enough to cast an accurate depiction of yourself, and not that you should be too concerned about it as well! don't let it stop you from being yourself, if you hang out with people long enough, you slowly learn more about them, and they too learn more about you. it'll be natural, and you don't need to aim to impress. the longer you are in the buisness of PR and impressions, i guess the more jaded one becomes and actually doesn't know how to cast more than just a first impression, and that my friends.. is when you start panicking.

on a final note, was just musing to myself whilst walking somewhere, about how 'real' everything was around us. if i can see something, is it really 'me' seeing it, or is it just a lens capturing reflected light off surfaces, forming an upside down image on the retina which then somehow gets interpreted by the brain as the right side up? so in other words, we could be confined with just wot's cast on our retinas (which by now could be anything if you're paranoid enough), or how our brains interpret these so-called images. it can be somewhat spooky if you're dwell on it too much, kinda takes the fun out of living.

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