Monday, November 8, 2004

hold me now aveda
wow, quiet since saturday. quite unbecoming of me. well, uni's finally over and i'm picking up the pieces of unfinished assignments. i don't really have anything to say because i'm kinda stoned. we spent the day looking for books to research on for the assignment, then instead of starting on a reading plan, i wated an anime called sprigan which was kinda cool. but too much dulls the mind, especially when a day just sweeps you by like that.

oh yeah, i might as well gripe on the fact that i'm helping some random person on their final year sound recording project. she's gotten me to play bass parts for a terrible terrible band that got together playing evanecence's bring me to life and franz ferdinand's take me out. its progressive rock oh kay? with all the odd time tempo shifts. and i'm being sarcarstic if you're dumbass. well, this post wasn't meant to insult any of you, *sigh* i think the heat is just getting to me. and the fact that everytime i listen to the demo tracks, i feel like puking from the sheer lack of effort that went into playing something so scrappily. a waste of airspace and my lifespan just being part of the project.

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