Tuesday, November 2, 2004

this french philosopher dude suggests (to the best of my intepretative ability), that the present exists as a montage of the past and future. i'm not gonna go into any sorrid details, mainly because it just gets confusing thinking about it, but i just don't really see how anyone could apply this to film theory. in a huge way, yes, i feel dumb. are you dumb??? yes!!!

so yeah, a montage of past and present? jeepers! well, if you bother to think about it, or smoke magic shrooms as im shure this delauze chap did.. wot we have is now. we'll never gain the past again (can we go back in "time"?), neither can we stretch out and touch the future (again, can we actually?).. so yeah, the present exists.. within a frame, the extreme polar ends in between the past that just occured, and the future, that is just waiting to happen, a nanosecond later.

it's a montage, where we are right now is just a giant giant montage. daymn, i abhor these french wankers.

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