Thursday, November 18, 2004

no more tearsu
not really a johnson & johnson's ad, but wouldn't it be nice? well, as you might already know, one of the things that gets me moving is watching warplanes jet off into the unknown horizon.

i was watching rambo ii the other day, and while it was in more response against all that metrosexual crap, needed some cliched 80's testosterone masculinity to balance out the social order of the twenty first century. anyhows, as much as they portray vietnamese as marauding savages, i did watch it also because the iraqi campaign has sort of been compared to the vietnam war, and well.. just to keep in touch with my feelings i suppose. but yeah, rambo's this war vet that has been screwed over by his government, and as we all know many people were against the war in vietnam. as such, rambo being a soldier was emotional and went on to say "just once, i'd like my country to love me as much as i love my country. while i won't say that blowing other people up shows your love for your country, but today many people are dying in Falluja, but Iraqis and Americans. maybe they don't know wot they're fighting for, because they dón't have the luxury of ethics and morals, it's kill or be killed. maybe they never expected to go to war, or the politicians are just using them as tools. having been a soldier once myself, i think about these things when i get the chance, because i didnt have much of a choice when i hooked up with national service, and i guess nobody on the ground asks for war, because we live on it. those in the sky, now they don't know wot its like. maybe you live in the sky too long, you very bored.

oh yeah, and i don't like this metrosexual fad because men can still be bastards whether they're 'metrosexual' or not. big up to the guys and girls who realise that, but if you can't look past the facade of slick short hair, fancy deodarent, shallow sensitivity and what not, then scrape the surface. live with a little more conviction.

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