Saturday, November 13, 2004

nation states
just added this new link boo ware to my sites to visit list. it's a sydney based label with some of the cutest designs, i'm really contemplating getting a ghost family t-shirt done by them, or a dinosaur one. some things you just gotta have.

and finally i have time to report that arafat's gone off the face of the planet and that already the US and UK are busy poking their heads into fresh buisness of possibly things that don't concern them. i'm shure they're licking the lips, rubbing the palms and fiddling their thumbs with such a leaderless state, and how better to use the country for their own good. but lets just wait and see the soap opera that's gonna unfold.

in other news, is peace between palastine and israel really gonna happen? if so, is that a sign of the end-times? lets pay attention folks, be ever watchful.

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