Thursday, July 10, 2003

all this was followed by
a very strange night at zouk. not in a strange negative way. but a strange positive one. so like, after the play. jeannie and i made our way to the club, via orchard road. and lo and behold, who do we meet? my swim junior, nicholas teo and his friend. meeting him is a good thing, because he's a member. anyhow, once there we kinda got seperated. but found each other after i spent my coupons. how apt, took us to the memebr's area where we chilled. and was in for another suprise! nicholas had made plans to meet an ex-classmate of mine. dympna! and who was with her, none other than another of my ex-classmates, sharon! who in turn brought an ex-schoolmate, felice! this is turning out pretty good y'think? but no, dympna had her friends ryan and agnes ! and sharon had her friend yan ming!
this is totally insane. i met an old bmt buddy, vincent and an old safti colleague, mark over the course of the night.
and then, of all places who do i meet at the main floor? wendy!
i went to the club with one other person and ended up meeting an entire possé. and jeannie? well, it's her first time to the club and already she gets into the member's area! bloody insane! i don't have that kinda luck. anyhow, looked like everyone was enjoying themselves, left the main floor for hip hop at phuture midway. better for me. guess we were looser down there.
and like all things that work for the good of mankind, meeting wendy has its pros. and that's because she met the yuenster himself, adrian! who just happened to leave the velvet underground. who in turn called me to tell me he was gonna leave. now i reckoned this could be a free ride for jeannie to get home, so we left the club in quite a hurry. didn't really get a chance to say byebye to the rest of the group wished i did, felice looked cuter than when she was in school =p anyhow! after jeannie was home safe and sound after a sucessfulnight of infiltrating the scene, adrian invited me to chill at his place. i thought this only happened to women? hahaha, so yeah. never been to the rAdP@D before, guess i couldn't resist. well, he's so hospitable. gave me a drink, showed me his decks. let me in on some great videos on his computer like dave matthews, rancid, beastie boys, one-fifth.. tried to make his mov.. oh wait. yeah. then i had to leave. and them i'm back here. cuz i think it was an awesome awesome incredibly coincidental somewhat perfect night. coupled with the fact that i'm not wasted, and can't exactly turn in.

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