Sunday, July 27, 2003

sunday's about church right?
today i went to vist peivn's church. full gospel assembly - perth. it was a charismatic church. they had heated prayer before service. and the pastor was calling people down to join them. haha, it was a pleasant shock to me. i knew that i had stepped off into the deep end. the uncharted waters. going to a new church was a battle of dread and expectation of wot God could do. i was wrestling with my immature self, of trying to enter the courts of worship. i wished i didnt have the struggle of people looking. it was alright in sjsm, cuz well, they're all familiar faces. and well, it was a 'bout of pretty serious spiritual warfare. i dont know if i won or lost, but after the very good sermon, i was challenged that there were foundations in my life i needed to deconstruct so that i could build the foundation that God wants to establish his kingdom in.
key point : to be born again, or be truely filled with God, to grow and want more. you have to grow th kingdom of God within you. it dosen't just hit you like that. also, when you try to assimilate certain convictions God places in your heart, your flesh / carnal nature will rebel. i mean, these are you foundations at the start. so you need to break these down, so that the first seeds of God can be planted.

so well, the sermon was about entering the kingdom of God. so we had a rough look at our spiritual maturity. and we were given little examples of the level of maturity. i guess a good gauge might be how much you're allowing God to do in you, and how much you want him in your life.

and well, also. i dont know if i have to transfer my roots from sjsm to a new church. or grow new roots. you know.. can i just treat the church i choose here as a temporary thing. which gives to the temptation of non-commitment. haha, will prolly have to pray hard. at the end of the day, dont think its my call to really decide. so yeah.. i was just thinking about the guys back home. usually we hang out after church.. and well, thinking about it, makes me miss it. =)

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