Tuesday, July 29, 2003

tuesday's gone
that's a lynard skynard song =) shifting away from the great southern rock band of the seventies, my day began at ten. i snoozed for ten more minutes before prepping myself for school. i made my hair, i wonder if im doing it to look a certain way. i dont want to, its just that it looks unpresentable in the morning. oh well, i always have better things to think about. so well, had to collect my student status letter. with this hopefully i will be able to get a new mobile line and samsung t100. so then, lessons from 1130 till 1630. we watched run lola run for introduction to screen studies. i liked it. it was a good take on personifying the idea of random factors. you can make an infinte number of choices, but still have an infinte amount of random factors to screw your life up. see how powerless we are? yeah.. so well, the assignments and readings are piling up, but i still mull around. tad worried, but i hope to do well in the end. i met some new people today. all sporean, well, kind of. think one of them's just started living here. roland. he's the one. he's only seventeen! but looks older. just started playing guitar for over a year, but already he's shredding and forming bands. he likes a perfect circle too, as well as a host of other darker, gothic aggro-metal types. got to know him thru a guy called kevin who's a bit over-excited about things. and dosent exactly seem very open-minded. guess its just not my cuppa. and yeah, when roland and i were discussing guitars, a guy i've seen around joined us. jonathan another bassist / guitarist. trivia : he played guitar in soul satisfaction the winners of europa's battle of the bands. how awesome is that? well, great to have met you guys! gonna go out for dinner with housemate felix and neighbour wayne soon. yeh.. not cooking. i mean, how many times can you eat carbonara? gonna try cooking fish (salmon) terriyaki tomorrow i hope!!
colours and polyphonic! and still not a nokia!
the new hardware

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