Sunday, July 27, 2003

biding time
have been downloading some videos. some fine catches with misteeq's scandalous and a live concert by a perfect circle (key find!) haha, i really do like that misteeq song. which was a suprise for me. the video was also pretty slick. i guess i got sentimental about zouk. also, watching a perfect circle made me reminice the two gigs i played with my dark star.

for a perfect circle fans, i have some great news, and their current line up is :
guitars and vox : billy howerdell
vox : maynard james keenan (tool)
guitars : james iha (ex-smashing pumpkins)
bass : twiggy remirez / jeorgie white (ex-marylin manson)
drums : josh freesh
the new promo art! isn't this good news?
boy! you should see them in the video! *pulses*

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