Tuesday, July 22, 2003

sky diver
well, today was dad's last day in perth. he flew back in the afternoon. i'll miss him. now i'll miss everyone, cuz he was the last sporean link from home. now, i'm alone in that sense. i'll admit, there is a joy of liberation and freedom. but the chains of uncertainty still hold me back. i must pray, this strange journey that God has allowed me to tread upon. he has been patient, and i am grateful. pray for me, that i will not grow complacent. please pray.
school came and went. i didn't exactly make new friends yet. i wonder if they are essential. yeah, i am jaded. because all i wanna do is do well in school and increase my musical technicalities multi-fold. but i know that sounds so selfish. hsia ling is visiting peishan at the moment, and they kinda took me out for dinner. it's funny, cuz we never hung out much in spore. but oh well, it was fun nonetheless. we had pretty good conversation about various issues. spiritual stuff did pop up. i wonder if i'm rated for intelli-conversation. but that's just paranoia. today's thought might be : our paranoia might stifle us in the supernatural ways God can really manifest his power we've been in our normal world for far too long. God can be paranormal if he chooses to be. also, i found out hsia ling is an adrenaline junkie, and she has gone sky-diving with adrian "the yuenster". this news i never knew. but total respect for taking the leap.
an unlikely paratrooper?
the yuenster, leaping off into the unknown. still in awe. awe baby..

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