Saturday, July 5, 2003

my feet are still killing me
man, wot a horribly rushed day i had yesterday. well, the first half of the day was a complete waste of time thanks to the saf. they pushed the ippt trial test back from morning to evening. at the expense of my convinience of course. anyhow, i tried and tried like the little tank engine. but i could not jump farther than 216 for standing broad jump. which means i'm back at square one. but i'lljust kick major ass on tuesday when its the actual test!
anyhow.. after severly aching my feet thru intense high impact jumps and a 2.4 klick run to boot, the tendon area of my feet are so tender i've found a new method to tndorising meat. hell, homo-sapien brisket noodle anyone?
and then had to rush down to the youthpark for a rehearsal. we may not be pros, but i'm still gonna gripe about the lack of 'profesionalism'.
the sound crew was so inactive. well, they didnt give us any input about our sound at all. and we cant hear ourselves from where we are. really stunk. but oh well, guess you just cant be too dependant on some people. no offence to sound / stage crews, they're the backbone of any successful gig / concert.

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