Saturday, July 12, 2003

sobering up to the storm
right, so it was another night out. had dinner with a coupla army mates. y'know before in safti it wasn't like that. colleagues were friends only at work. the only hanging out after work and in 'real' life would be with cain whom i've now fallen out with and shaun, who's still a good bud till this day with the rest of test the next day. teaching me bass and inspiring us to more technical superiority and freedom =) well yeah, the purpose of this is usually i don't get too attached to work, but when i shifted camps to pasir ris where i spent my last year of ns, i met new friends. friends whom we hung out with whilst staying in. being around someone twenty for seven can go either way as with most things in life. but i guess when we had dinner at one-ninety at the four seasons hotel, i't was all good. gary, byon, jamie, muarice, thomas, weining, terrence and sean who gave me an AWESOME shirt and farewell dinner. i guess it is true, you do have friends from army. how's that for two and a half years of cynisism?

after that it was down to zouk with vinz, clem, thomas, sean, huahui and adrian(thanks for coming down even though you were so tired). met leodi and dickhed's friend chris(who vaguely remembers that i was the clerk during his cadet days). well, the music was nothing to rave about. dominant tribal, which meant more drinking. i don't know.. it didn't feel special. but still i'm glad to know that going to the club is not a constant high. it serves as a reminder that happiness isn't dependant on these things. you will feel sad at times, and no amount of alcohol, pills or drugs and chemical highs will give you true happiness. remember that =)

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