Monday, July 21, 2003

settle down - zwan
17 july, thursday
touched down in perth. thank you all who showed up at the airport. love you all loads! love you all even though you weren't at the airport too! =) thanks for all your prayers, well-wishes, gifts and friendship all these years! well, after touching down. dad and i took a cab to the new place :
56 Prescott Drive
Murdoch, WA 6150

18 july, friday
woke up. not used to cold. frost-bite on ass. went down to university with dad. signed up for units. pretty cool. toured the university more. didnt wanna look like a 'freshie fruitcake' on the first day. "excuse me, where's the ladies room..? i dont wanna go there, so i thought i'd ask.." yada yada. home. dinner with housemates at nearby asian cafe. dad paid. useful.
19 july, saturday
woke up. seat cold. mist when i breate out. took bus to perth city with dad. that is after cross-country walk to bus-stop. perth city is so-so fun. lots to see. but prolly can't sustain my interest for interest. mental note : must find decks and modulous bass!! took bus home. dropped by kardinya shopping centre to get misc. items. room now messy. dropped by singapore link event because housemate cheryline wanted free food. she's not glutton by the way. thought it'd be cool to meet folk, but i played it cool and acted aloof. met a geeky norweigian and even geekier sporean indian called ramesh. noticed some femail species. home. picked dad up. bought second hand stuff from dude called gerald. best deal of philips 2.1 600W speaker set with sub-woofer. went to eat chilli mussels with housemates cheryline, adrian and neighbour jessie. dropped by wayne's birthday party. who's also my neighbour. drank jessie's drink on behalf of her because wayne was being somewhat dickish forcing her to drink. but he was in that happy place. i didnt interfere on behalf of cheryline because i reckoned she was fiercer. still, he was a dick.
july 20, sunday
woke up. feet cold. bus to freemantle. of bacon, eggs, sausages, mushrooms, tomatos and toast. found record store. great. home. rearranged room. repaired a table. dinner with felix and jessie at a food court. peivn popped by after her flight! pleasant suprise. hung out, talked. checked her place out. jealous. home. shower. blogging.

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