Monday, July 14, 2003

'twas was another night
can't believe i ended up at dbl-o on saturday night with my jc friends instead of my usual homies at zouk. but haha, it was still fun. i mean, it was a refreshing change in companionship. felt pretty psyched that day 'specially after waiting in line for an hour half. frankly, i had good mind to head back to zouk for reasons unmentioned. but i stayed on at dbl-o for reasons unmentioned too. =p but well, yeah, really enjoyed myself that night. apologies to vinz, ian, huahui, clement, mark, yanting, caroline and cheyanne if you wanted to seh me that night. but i was with dympz, agnes, sharon, felice, ryan, adrian and nicholas. and we are still on planet earth.

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