Thursday, July 3, 2003

shotgun buddy
hey look! i changed the title of my blogback system. *bling bling* anyhow, was at camp in the morning. my two point four kilometer run now stands at 11:30-11:59 a far cry from my glory days. but that's the least of my concerns. had lunch with ian and napkin man at far east plaza. chicken rice we did have. ian bought a new gimmie five t shirt. seeing this sort of decadance inspires me to one day come up with my own t-shirt label. shotgun buddy was quickly dismissed.

had to meet test the next day, which is basically the forum jammers : lyndon, daniel, shaun, tat yang, jonathan and melissa at alvron studios. great fun meeting up with them after so long!

their set list so far :
love thing
fleeting moment

everything was just wicked! insane perfectionists, super talented but really nice.

after that, had to jam with my dark star
we continued working on our diva la soccer set :
new technology

starting to sound real good. really hope our friends and public like our original material. kinda feel a tad worried, about how everyone's gonna take it. whether, we might freeze up. real fears, real person.

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