Wednesday, July 16, 2003

reunited and it feels so good
well, mom and sis are finally home after spending four weeks in canada. they were visiting jia hui, alan and baby josh. must say they really enjoyed themselves. and for dad and me, it was an experience of bachelorhood. don't know if that's supposed to be a good thing. =p well, we're only gonna spend one day as a family unit. cuz well, i still am gonna fly off to perth so that i can pursue an education. as the day draws nearer.. it's like facing an ultimatium, or death row. it's like, i dont wanna sleep, i wanna stay awake. for wotever reasons i dont know. like breathe more spore air, or meet more local friends online. or just not packing to give the illusion that the day is so far away. but i'm afraid of changes, 'cause i've built my life upon you. but time makes us bolder, children get older, and i'm gettin' older too.. either that, or the caffine hasn't worn off yet.
vinz and me, brothers in arms

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