Tuesday, July 15, 2003

drinking game
i am so irritated. am watching e!online's rank on channal i right now. the catergory is "25 sexiest men in entertainment". if you had to play a drinking game which involved theword word "sexy" i guruntee that you'd be soooo plastered on the floor i'd have to scrape you off the sidewalk. your liver would have disintegrated to ashes, or at the very less, transmongified into foi gras. every line in the descriptive monologue by the marternally babelicious brooke burke involved the word "sexy". i mean, you'd think they'd use a thesaurus to make the programme more gramatically exciting.
fyi :
(5) Ewan Mcgreggor
(4) Bradd Pitt
(3) Collin Ferell
(2) Ben Affleck
(1) Benjamin Brett

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