Monday, July 14, 2003

made it happen. i thank the good Lord for friends who shared the stage, watched us perform, cheered us on, supported us, took pictures, held camcorders, recorded our music. being there for me, in companionship or or in confidence. praying for me, leading me, worshipping with me and reprimanding or pushing me beyond my known limits. you've all had a part to play in my life for one, and in the lives of each other. in one way or another. while we may not know the real reason why we're friends, we are. and to me, that's wot counts. that's enough proof for me that God's put you here for a reason. i wish i could say i love you guys to death, but i'm not that great a friend all the time. but thanks for being one. for those at the gig yesterday :
gt, thomas "funk soul bro" wu jack longay, kunz, shaun "shredder" seow, lyndon "lor sor" long, jonathan "bender" eng, daniel "double stroke" tan, "terrifying!" koh tat yang, melissa, weiyi, adrian "the yuenster" yuen, vinz aka napkin man, ian "the tagalok stallion" ortega, clement, huahui "pasir panjang bro", sue "lao pok" anne, daniel autobahn, morgan c. hoax, chris "funkymunky" yong, wei tee, jimmy!, weikang, liwen, eugene, wanlin (thanks for the cow!), xiuling, anne, jeannie, dearest cherie, hsia ling, kelvin "perthsucks" mok, steven "cobra-lat" tan, dympz, sharon and nic.
and even if you weren't there, we can't be there for each other all the time. but we're always together in spirit. to those that aren't in that list but you know who you are.

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