Monday, July 7, 2003

a big shout out of thanks!
hey all! the gig on saturday was fantastic! it was great sharing that first time experience on a public stage with friends. thank you one and all for supporting the band and our material! adrian, vinz, clement, daniel, ian, joseph, lockie, chris, weichin, jimmy, lyndon, tat yang, leodi, your friends, caroline, angie, your friend, wanlin, diana, xiuling, jeannie, your friend. *phew* if you guys didn't go, we'd play to a non-existant audience. but thanks for coming and for all the kind words and encouragement. it means a lot to me =)
also, for everyone who contributed to vinz's masterplan of aquiring me the gravis battery pack, thank you so much!! i mean, you're all real sweet, and i didn't expect such a fantastic present! thanks thanks!! i really don't know wot else to say. love y'all lots! @<

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