Thursday, July 24, 2003

because guys grow up
well well. guess i havent been blogging regularly, when i should! haha, but man.. life here in perth is a real drag. haha.. you just wanna bum and crash out. daymn, i'd better start working on my beer gut if i wanna make it to the beach without embaressment. *ahem* well well, the purpose of today's entry is to bring you up to date about one of my most exciting activities since stepping on asutralian soil. cooking!

recipie 1 : aglio olio. basically i tried to make this olive oil and garlic based sauce to toss with pasta, but i fried the garlic too long. plus the pasta was not thoroughly cooked. failure.

recipie 2 : pasta stir fry with beef. if only the beef wasn't so tough and had that strange beef taste. i'd have liked this. i'll try putting onions in the next time too. cut down on marinade. pass.

recipie 3 : pasta carbonara from a jar. i used carbonara sauce in a jar, so all i had to do was heat it over a saucepan. i added some pork sausages to it. and it was pretty darn good. but minus points for lack of original ingredients. pass.

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