Sunday, September 12, 2004

absence without thought
hey guys, so sorry for being caught missing in action since tuesday. but y'see.. my cell and film crew decided to play a prank on me. basically, they exchanged my room with the dining room, paper-machayed my car and poured cream, flour and eggs onto my frail human form. in fact, they put in so much effort, it would be wrong to feel as if they saboed me, but rather, i have to see it as like a great effort for a suprise party. and i was genuinely suprised. either that or i'm superbly gullible. prolly a combination of both.

so not really much updates, same'ol same'ol.. now that the computer's back online, i can update more frequently! thanks for all your birthday wishes everyone! really appreciate them whilst i'm in perth! gonna have to turn in early, massive day morrows, starting with church at eight. tas!

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