Sunday, September 19, 2004

the past is entertaining sometimes. today's title is my very first online alter ego. it was a time when napkin man was known as ^PeaceD^, and it brings a embarressed grin that i still can't spell, and that i'd fashion a nickname after a friend who introduced me to the mIRC. i mean, phaser was purely my own doing, but puting two ||'s was like some kinda homage to wot i thought was cool. so now you know, some stupid 'lil inane history lesson that should broaden your world view and increase your intelligence ten fold. tomorrow when i share the reason why i blog, you will develop light-speed engines and discover the empirical value to the meaning of life.

so there we have my life on a platter, see you when i get back to spore for those in spore. im kinda missing it there somewhat, having been here for so long already -)

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