Wednesday, September 22, 2004

choosing between living and dying
the future is a catalysmic forelon one. to some we're already dead, to another it's worth living for, there is a value on human existence that is un-valuable. perhaps there is a future to live for or to die in. i'm not really here to tell you how to live, mebbe im still figuring it for myself. sometimes you think you've got it figured out, i'm quite glad i'm put in my place with these things. guess after all these years, i still enjoy terminator 2: judgement day. guess there are many themes that happen in that film, which are subject to argument, but i kind of like the present hope it gives. not that the world will turn out alright, or that even people will turn out alright. i don't know.. something about carrying on the war, it starts now, and it doesn't stop till you're dead. guess all i can do is wish you godspeed in your own battles.

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