Monday, September 27, 2004

finding yourself
we're not exactly contemplating much really. not now, not much.. life's been a nice slow, very thankful. have had time to take a break from work, make sense of things, meet up with friends, meet up with self, have you been meeting up with God? sometimes we all take a break from things, even taking a break from God. not exactly the best ideas. i think perhaps its when the things we normally do for Him, we start doing for ourselves and run on our own strength, then it becomes dreary and weary. or when we take things too lightly perhaps. true we surrender, but we can't also sit back an 'imagine' the work gets done. the key word here is 'imagine'. we live a life of faith, not dreams. like in naruto: ny dreams are only in the past. don't dream through your future..

also, who sticks by you at your weakest, most disgusting and slimey, dirty and grimey, when really.. no one human could ever show you love. God's the one through it all. -)

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