Tuesday, September 14, 2004

for we may not survive the night
hello. just like the sound of that, it's almost romantic. despairity and a companionship with someone of spending your last moments together. i don't really know wot that feels like, i can only imagine. i don't know if i want to feel like that, whether its too much for me to give, and too far for me to go. mebbe it scares me, mebbe i've retracted myself from this 'loving you' bit. mebbe i actually don't believe in it anymore, and i'll only let you down. mebbe all i can give, is the neutral kind of love that you can depend on, but not the romantic kind where i give my heart to you and only you. because so many of us still need love, and i cannot just give myself to only you. would it be selfish in that way?

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