Friday, September 3, 2004

your dream is that reality exists, but in reality, only your dreams exist.

our perception, in the realm of our mind, that is our dreamstate. where we percieve, form, construct, associate, empower and all their direct opposites. you tell yourself wot's real and wot isn't. in the realm of your imagination, that's where your dreams lay dormant, almost passing off as reality.

and this is the reality, that the world is the stage where we act out scenes from our dreams. the only real thing is this vast canvas, stage where we dance, sing, paint, tremble and narrate the secrets of our dreams.

i think that's wot neon genesis evangelion: the end of evangelion might have been trying to bring across.

it does get me thinking a little, wot is this reality i make of, and wot God has to say about it. but i think this is just to understand the psychosis of our minds, rather than to question reality. i mean, in this case, be they dreams or wot not, it seems so real. wot then defines something as real? who then defines something as real? i mean, the stage is "real" and the reality is "real", just that wot we construct is "un-real, not fake". yeah, so its a question of wot's unreal but not fake perhaps. but it dosen't get in the way of my existence. which is another thing to ponder about. the reasong for being. -) and i think that's where i find God waiting for me.

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