Monday, September 13, 2004

just got home. i'm like all smug, but there isn't anyone to smug to because they're all asleep. so yeah, it's not about smugging to the person next to you, more than it is about having confidence in wot you do. you may have done the most important thing in the world, but if they're just not interested, you just can't force them.

but anyhow, i spent 1630 till 0100 in the editting suites. my group members spent longer. and we didn't even get the whole thing done. it's scary this degree of elusive perfection we're trying to concieve. but in some strange way, this documentary about nothing in particular is slowly making us fall in love with it. shure we get tired, and disgusted by the sheer magnitude of it all, but she's got a hold on us, and we just can't get enough.

i just mentioned something to the guys regarding the value of our documentary. and trust me, it came as just a spout, but hell, even i would be impressed. we're doing a documentary about exclamations, and so in the fear that we might be seen as seperating ourselves too much because we're an all sporean group, and we're sharing so much about spore, we were concerned we'd be seen as snootish.

but the essence of it all, is that we're studying language, why we're still attracted to saying all the same sporean things even whilst in perth. because if all we had were ozzie friends, a certain part of us would die. the part that we grew up in. why we say nabei or kan ni nah, little taken for granted things like that. we would literally fade away if we didnt get a chance to say it while in perth. and perhaps we're trying to survive, preserve a certain part of our being simply from the language and exclamations we use. and perhaps why nostalgia seems to help sustain our survival. well, it does sound believable..

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