Friday, September 24, 2004

hearts and youth
its interesing to read the archives of this blog. i never gave it much though, these archives. never once had i written anything on this blog that was meant to be kept for historical purposes. i approached the subject of blogging and typing these thoughts down as violent cathartic releases that spasm out when you least expect them to. if i wanted to remember something, i'd write it down, if i wanted to tell you something, i'd tell you. but these, as with the old website were all random ramblings. not for archival purposes, a social experiment if you will, as to the inconsistency of life in general.

so it just proves that life's changed, and i've changed since the inception of this blog. it makes me wonder if i've been stowing away in myself. nay i say, i think i've been more marco in my outlooks, however, in some twisted way, the marco is also microing my outlook, if all i can look is the macro. y'see, have i forgotten to be human and sensitive to important feelings when they do strike? or do i throw caution to the wind, and write just how i really feel off at these junctions in life? but i guess that's why He still allows me to live on, there's more to find out for His glory.

stay posted folks

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