Thursday, September 16, 2004

go-kart shopping
went rig hunting with jon today, and it was quite fruitful. buying a rig is such long term planning, and as it looks like right now, i have a few options.

eden-nemesis nc210
anything but evil
this is the sweetest plug and play combo amplifier i've seen in awhile. i was a bit reserved about solid state combos because i've always wondered whether it could fill a room. i tried this 'lil one out, and she rocks. fills out the room like a beauty. well, i exaggerate, but she sounds fine, smooth as hell for bassing, warm too. not overtly tight as the next baby i'll mention. the good things about the nemesis is that i can start gigging straight away, practice will be a breeze. it's got so many line-out options, i'll be able to rig up another cabinet or slave another poweramp and cabinet to have a monstrous rig. so all in all, this is a good start, and will probably see me thru my stay in perth. only problem is that i was thinking of taking a pre-amp system back for holidays so i got something to gig with, record with.. y'know.. just something to do some casual tone-sculpting if need be. jon assures me direct in is the best bet. well, if that's the case, i wouldn't mind lookin' for some kick arse pre-amp stompboxes that might work that majik. such as the mxr bass di.

wawrick 211
damn! she's the sweetest and tightest 'lil monster around!
this little one here is a beauty. two 10-inch speakers and a bright tweeter that makes everything you play seemed squeezed from its gonads. very good for tightening out and having clarity in your tone. i first though of getting her and borrow jon's rig in the meantime, and he can always borrow it to augument his rig anytime too. in fact, this baby will basically work for the both of us.

so the issue right now, is which to get first. i'll get more dedicated power if i take the wawrick first, and possibly have a bigger sound. but it means i don't exactly have an amp of my own. getting the nemesis means that i can gig without borrowing jon's rig, at the expense that i might get drowned out. i was thinking that i might box myself in with the nemesis in that i can't break out of its mold, but as it looks like, it's really ideal for the kinda music i do. it's great for practice and the casual jam now and then. in fact, it frees me up for so much more gear because i got one side covered. like, jon can get a poweramp for his current, and i can always borrow it, and complement it with the wawrick if and when i finally do get it.

man, it's like transformer gesalts, combining all those different parts for the monster robot. yes, i do want a kick-arsed rig. it's every bassplayer's dream!

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