Wednesday, September 29, 2004

onwards, bright lights, stop and fight
yikes, i'm kinda blank now. just got back from uni, and then i automatically came online because i had been wanting to blog. but as usual, i'm blank, i don't really know wot i'm supposed to be saying, or wot i should be updating. in some sense, i don't really know wot to say, if i should be saying anything at all, or if i want to say anything.

but then again, here i am, pouring out my heart towards you, my unseen but faithful audience.

hmmmm.. perhaps a bit of updates just to get the ball rolling.

we're looking at a busy week next week, with an essay due at the end of the week, helping out in mitty's film for about three days, my own film project which requires my undying attention. there's may fled plans and jams probably, the usual church commitments. wot else do i wanna do? that's right, i want to burn all my mp3s into cds, so that i can finally free up some space on my laptop. i know i said that months ago. this time.. i will procrastinate less. ermmm.. catch up with work? can't forget that.. prepare for mission trip? jeepers.. i don't think im really looking forward to next week. doing so many things really doesn't put your life into perspective, remember that kids!

anyhows, to take things one step at a time, going to jam with edmund later. hopefully it'll be fun.. i just wanna sort of space out for the two hours or so.. just being caught in a moment, chasing after the muse. maybe i'll write a song sometime.. been a musician for so many years.. but i've never really written a song that stood the test of time. not that i've written that many songs.

and i also wonder wot the non-blogging community thinks about us folk who do blog? well, it's just a hobby.. i don't attach too much value to my musings. and i guess i'll thank each and everyone of you who still bother to read some random thoughts from my brain. i guess i'm not out to change the world thru this.. mebbe it gives me some sense of relief that someone out there is listening, but not necessarily have to agree. is that all there is to it? well, it was fun.. still is fun. in pursuit of hedonism?

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