Sunday, September 12, 2004

lest we forget
just thought of the best way to destroy the singapore armed forces. instead of declaring "nationwide nsf day", basically, every single nsf now, signs-on with the millitary. they will be unable to cope with such labour constraints, and pretty soon, with the gahmen saturating its budget into defence (ie, paying for incompetence), pretty soon the war machine will cave in on itself and implode. you see, the only reason why national service has been able to survive this long is because they pay me (nsf) a quarter to a fifth of say wot a regular would get, thus allowing the defence budget to not blow up in the face of patriotic numbnuts who refuse to think farther than the barrel of a gun.

just imagine the scenario of the recruitment officer when your entire BMT school one sends in an application to sign on. and why should anyone turn us down for such an important and noble cause? that we should serve for it? we wanna take it one step further, we want to COMMIT to the DEFENCE of our NATION! SINGAPORE BOLEH!!! MERDEKAHH!!! LKY is my LIM PEI!! daymn. i shure love the the days spent in the army. i should have signed-on and made mediocrity the motto of my life.

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