Tuesday, September 7, 2004

something magical's going to happen
we just got back from the cold outside. we being me. i use the collective, because sometimes i believe i'm really all these different people in one body. they don't clash and they get along pretty well. it's not that i have an identity crisis, it also stems from a twisted way of avoiding the attention to self, because after all this time, there really isn't anything about self. so we try to spread the ugliness apart, in the hope that people won't notice.

so lets get raptured and forget the rest ever happened.

if we were so selfish.

we(plural) had been working on the documentary after so long. and i think the break was really well needed. we have a new vigor for it, as well as a closer deadline. some of us crack under pressure. we might still, but i think in this case, we're gonna tighten the reigns pretty much so, and in the end, have something we're proud of. i dunno, the four of us working on moving pictures. if there was a band, perhaps there could be a crew of sorts with a constant vision. a collective of creative ability. and i dunno how we could all view ourselves, but there's something about being maverick, and lawless. a unit of well-oiled mercenaries that get the job done. striking without fear, fluid as water and sharp as a bullet. professionals who never take longer than wots needed, and never less than wots expected. i dunno, role-playing is fun, and that's wot i like about the collective. the singular in the multiple, the ability to bounce and feed off one another like vampires. represented as a unit, or by a figure-head, it makes no difference when the medium is established, and the shocking death is released upon our scorched earth.

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