Sunday, May 22, 2005

at long last
i finally remember wot i wanted to post about a while back!

it's somewhat ironic that many people would like to be loved unconditionally in a relationship but don't believe in the institution of marriage and its ideals anymore. granted that so many marriages these days end in divorce, but do you see where i'm driving with this? you want the unconditional love, but are unwilling to believe in an institution that encourages this commitment. the institution isn't flawed, its more so because we take advantage of it so much.

by saying you don't believe in the institution of marriage, is almost as good as saying that you don't believe you deserve unconditional love, or perhaps you don't need to be loved and acknowledged in this lifetime. i wonder if anyone can truely say that. because day in and day out, i think most of us try to find some way to validate our lives. because wot is the purpose of this existence, if there is no validation? can we validate our own lives? can you truely trust yourself to the core, that wot you're doing is right, makes sense, counts for something?

external validation is just as important as inner confidence. it's alriht to appear weak. face up to your weaknesses, and seek that which fills you from the depths of your core and allow it to overflow, spill out and unable to hold it back in. because you cannot help it anymore.

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