Monday, May 16, 2005

my reaction for today
i wonder that if i disagreed, you (generic) would see it as narrow-mindedness. whereas i see natural discension as wot keeps the world spinning, wot keeps us on our toes, wot makes our beliefs worth believing. if i disagreed, with something that simply sounds like the status quo, that if i were to say to you, that in all our open-ness today we have all become closed to one another, choosing to believe in only wot fits our lives. does anyone really understand, that being open is just another school of thought as being bigoted and closed-minded? that we just don't have the capacity to cater to the infinite because our physical beings were not created to house the infinite concepts of reality and even sub-reality.

i don't know whether people today still believe in unconditional love, but i'm just finding it ironic that everyone's looking for a slice of heaven, but no one's exactly willing to give it all up for a shot at heaven.

i'll say it once and say it again, answers are simple statements that we agree to, that is, it fits our agendas albeit myopic. objective truth (not a subjective fragment of objective truth) on the other hand is not something we will always find fitting to us, but something if you're truely seeking, is something we may have to fit into. it's a matter of who's at the center of being, yourself, or something else?

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