Tuesday, May 3, 2005

she broke you so softly - mojave 3

because she broke you so softly
you can't see the pain
like a dog
with a bone you refuse to let go

still you talk soft
so desperate and kind
so pure and so pointless
so helpless and blind

and is there no anger
just pills for the pain?
my friend you've been wasted
and you will be again

funny how sad songs jump out at you *weak smile*

Jesus, Lover of my soul

Jesus, lover of my soul
Jesus, i will never let you go
you've taken me, from the mirey clay
you set my feet upon the rock
and now i know

i love you
i need you
though my world may fall i'll never let you go
my saviour, my closest friend
i will love you until the very end

in my bout of reminicence, and the passing of mourning, perhaps i have forgotten wot it means to truely love God. i'll be weak here, because i desperately need some form of touch, to feel real arms around me. am i mourning? i'm mourning. we always mourn when a small part of ourselves die perhaps. but yeah, God is slowly gathering up the pieces, and showing me "hey, i'm still here, i've always been here" the same desperation i have for a human touch, ought to be translated for an even higher desperation of God's touch. where no human could love me, God is always there, because even the weakness of God is stronger than man's strength. how much more does he amplify his loving goodness and comfort and our complete and utter weakness? it's alright to feel the way i am, i know it. and i'm not afraid to show it, because God will show us a new way, and He is the strength of my heart.

"Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted" - Matthew 5:8

i'm packing up right now to go back to perth. this leg of sydney is over, and it is time to look ahead to my portion of land, our promises together. i couldn't have spent a better time here, then doing wot i had to do, saying wot i had to say, and enjoying wot i had to enjoy. thank you everyone who has been with me thus far, this life will know no ingratitude. -)

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