Sunday, May 8, 2005

the magic kitchen
well, i think we hosted one of our most heart-warming dinner parties last night. six people, six dishes and one gastronomic experience! on the menu we had assorted drinks *ahem* very important, ceasar salad by marilyn, mushroom risotto by peivn, yours truely made a thick asparagus soup with prawn skewers, derrick put together a fabulous lamb roast and bernie topped it off with a rum rasin semi-fredo with honey wafers on the side.

scurrying around
busy in the kitchen, chaos ensues..

my mushroom very pretty right? -eh?
as peivn proudly shows us her gourmet ingredients to yummy divine risotto

state approved ceaser salad!
would you take a look at that? another reason why vegetables are good for you

mmmmm.. green soup..
the soup turned out pretty alright, rich and creamy!

the last meal on earth
a bountiful roast, glazed and oozing with wholesome goodness. my mother would be proud!

high on life (and rum)
an insidious combination and offering of rum and raisin in a wicked concoction of frozen cream

that doesn't look like much fun..
wot starts off as a bland dinner table..

sparkles with great delight when the joy has been set

well, i think that was so much fun! wot better way to round off the week -)

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