Sunday, May 8, 2005

making some sense of spontaneous history
i texted myself "wot do you treasure more than life" at service this morning. so it must mean that something must've hit me then, so that i could type about it now. bear with me.

can't exactly remember the exact details of my thought process, but i think it goes something like.. us trying so many ways and means to ensure that our life on this earth goes the way we want it to. we all have some semblance of an idea of how we want our lives to turn out. and i think, the more we try to protect that way of life, the more myopic we get in serving those needs.

more than life, is there more to life than life itself? when we take apart the 60-70 odd years of existence compared to the billion or so years (as science would have us believe), does that something mean nothing? it's a bit of a paradox, 1 out of infinity equals to zero, yet, this existence is probably more complex than my rudimentary mathematics. and it makes me wonder if people avoid this topic of life after death, or life itself because we are afraid of wot we do not know. do we write of the possibilty of life after death because of that? believeing in only wot we see?

God uses the foolish things of the world to shame the wise. pretty strong words, having faith involves believing in some very pre-enlightenment concepts. often spurned upon as silly and back-dated. sometimes we think we're closer to the truth with advancement, but i think we sometimes fail to see that in the past, history might have been closer to the source of truth.

anyhow, back to the main topic. all i'm saying is that i'm pretty convinced that most of us have thought about that, wot is the meaning to life, is there more to life? but many a times, we kinda stop at being caught up with life itself. it becomes a snare that binds us in its gaze because it is the most visable, most obvious thing around us. and we try to make so much sense of it that it takes up a lot of our energy because our senses are devoted to it.

i don't have any answers to life, but i have insights into the afterlife. strange perhaps, but it adds new perspective to this otherwise temporal passing. '

so yeah, wot do you treasure more than life? because that might end up defining you and your views and you get thru this phase.

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