Saturday, May 14, 2005

i will boldly reclaim the freeways
had an extraordinarily strange friday the thirteenth yesterday. i think may thirteen two thousand and five will forever be knwon as the day perth doo-ba-boom-ed (ref. Tang, Melvin 2005). basically, we were in the city getting some test shots for our project, and then as we were going back there was this massive jam, and we were driving around in circles simply because the city council had closed off the south bound exits because of a burst water main along the freeway (capable of filling up several olympic sized swimming pools). now, we're smarter than that, so we try going by alternative routes, but no.. even those bypasses were clogged like an obese kid's final mega-burger. so basically, the city of perth experienced a heart attack, du-ba-boom!!!! well, we finally decided to wait it out, so did many others. so it makes one wonder if this was all some ploy to increase revenue on the city's late night shopping days.

Local Distress!!!

fru fru is finally going to launch on may fifteen, if you've ever been a fan, you would have known already, if you just want attention by association, now you know. just spreading the word, and give sporean designers a shot!

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